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A Symbol for new India...

India. Is it Just another word, another country? What does it actually mean...?

Words, countries, by themselves do-not mean anything. They are made-up.

A label to indicate a geographical boundary.

But India or Bharath is not just a label, is it? It’s so much more. It’s the land of diversity, the land of seekers, yogis, ancient rishis who gave us the wealth of knowledge, science of yoga, meditation, health care, astrology, astronomy, Ayurveda, economics, politics, through thousands and thousands of written and verbal works, Vedas, poems, shlokas, etc.,

India had the largest economy of any region in the world before 17th century.

We built great structures. We exported gold, silver, spices and so much more. India was a land of material and spiritual wealth. Every religion, every school of thought was welcome in India. Buddhists, Jains, Jews, Muslims, atheists, Christians came to India to learn our way and teach theirs. Hinduism was a totally open minded culture of seeking. Greatest scientists, businessmen, emperors were Indians. India was not only an economic super power in the past but also a spiritual, educational and cultural Centre of the world.

It is said that India’s share of world economy was 25% in 1700s.

(By 1950, after British rule, it was 2 %.)

Then came the dark ages for our motherland, we were invaded and ruled over by Portuguese, British, etc., our economy was decimated.

But the essence of our culture was something no-one could take.

India was free at-last on 14.08.1947, by great efforts of many great men.

But we were considered a third world country. Poverty was wide spread.

The free India slowly started working to solve its problems.


Today the picture is changing. India is now a growing economic powerhouse. Top leaders in many companies across the world are Indians. Indian companies

are dominating the global market. India today represents the aspirations of 136 million people. It represents the cultural heritage of Thousands of years. It’s the only ancient culture in the world to survive everything and still retain its essence of oneness and brotherhood. It’s a country dominated by keen, ambitious youth, with total potential and possibility to reclaim its position as the economic and cultural superpower of the world.

Today, there is a need to create a symbol for this new India, keeping in mind the history of it while thinking about the future of it. A symbol which is inspirational, aspirational.

Just abstract symbols and sculptures however beautiful and fancy, will have no meaning and effect on the people of India unless they connect to it in some way. Unless a sense of pride and patriotism arises in them by looking at it. The symbol for new India should bring the emotion of pride of our diverse culture, patriotism towards our country, oneness towards all Indians and aspiration towards our future.


We have achieved this by using an ancient, common spiritual symbol of India "The anatomy of spirit/energy in human body" A man seated with 7 chakras / nodal energy points in the body and 3 nadis / channels which circulate the energy in the body. Common in most Indian cultures including buddhism, hinduism, sufis of islam, taoism, etc., Also talked about by many of the western scientists and doctors of energy medicine. This symbol is one of the highest expressions of knowledge of Indians regarding metaphysics and spirituality.

Each parameter of the sculpture is intelligently and consciously designed,

Three nadis in the spiritual symbol is abstractly represented through three circular sections which act as the main structural support for the sculpture. Seven chakras are represented by seven spheres, the height of the man with the chakra is kept at nine meters (10 meter with pedestal.) to denote nine emotions / Navarasas in every human. Love, laughter, sorrow, anger, courage, fear, disgust, wonder and peace. 48 ribs made of rectangular sections are used to indicate a “Mandala.” A cycle of 48 days when the human system completes one physiological cycle as per ancient knowledge. It is what todays science has confirmed as the number of days needed for any action / ritual to become a habit.

We have combined this with the Ashoka chakra, which is already in our Indian flag and national emblem, with which every Indian can proudly and easily relate to. Ashoka chakra signifies the dynamism of a peaceful change and in this case symbolizes the new changing India.

We have used the ancient symbol strategically in a new way to make an abstract sculpture to show an enlightened, proud Indian standing with his head held high and hands raised towards the sky, holding the Ashoka chakra, to create..

The Awakened Indian.” for every Indian to psychologically see himself in the symbol. ( since a country is its people.) And to arose the necessary emotion and connection towards the symbol.

Enlightened by the ancient knowledge of his nation. (Depicted by the ancient symbol of enlightened man with all energy centers activated.) Proud for his culture and history. Standing eager to create something in the world and push India towards new heights. (Depicted by the figure holding Ashoka chakra high in the sky, pushing it beyond.)

With this symbol we wish to say... It’s time.

"Arise India. Awake and Reclaim."

By : Furgonomics Architects - India.



Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
Jul 04, 2023

Indian culture cannot leave anyone indifferent, even take their Kama Sutra, it's brilliant!

Peter Morgan
Peter Morgan
Jul 04, 2023
Replying to

Yes! This is true, but India of our time has changed a lot, urbanization is making itself felt. Often, couples are not up to the Kama Sutra, because there is no longer that spark in their couple, and reduced sexuality has a bad effect on health for both men and women. Very interesting article, there are a lot of interesting things.

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