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Everything is moving Online. The entire world is evolving. But when we look at the construction industry, especially in certain countries, we see that even today most buildings that are being built are poorly designed and lack character. We can see this as we walk around our cities. Most buildings are being designed and built by local contractors and draftsmen who do not have any technical knowledge about Architecture or aesthetics.

The architecture of a country defines that country in a way. It is estimated that roughly 10 million new houses will be built by 2025 in India alone. It is important that the new India is well designed and beautifully built.

Why was started?

A Home is a part of us. It is an expression of who we are. Although everyone aspires to live in beautiful, personalized homes, most people shy away from consulting professional Interior Designers and architects. This is for many reasons…

a.Accessibility to Designers and architects, It is difficult to find good professionals, especially in 2- tier and 3- tier cities and it is inconvenient for a client to contact architects and designers from different cities. b.The Affordability factor, some good firms or professionals available locally charge a hefty fee for the consultation which is not feasible for everyone. c.Quality of Professional Designs, It is not easy to get good designs of consistent quality from local professionals.

Looking at this, as an online Design platform was conceived in 2017 with a mission to make quality, professional Design and consultation affordable and give access to everyone from anywhere in the world to talented, professional designers and architects. And the platform has come a long way in fulfilling this mission.

Whether it is the Interior Design of a single bedroom or the planning of a large commercial space, SpacecorpHome connects you with its Design Partner for your every Design need. SpacecorpHome aspires to help millions across the world realize their Dream Home!

The journey so far…

SpacecorpHome has so far worked on 600+ Unique Happy Homes, in 3 countries across the world and has provided services in most of the states within India. It has also provided services for many institutional, commercial, hospitality and other category projects across India all online. has gained multiple recognitions and has been nominated as the “Innovative Start-up of the year 2022.” at the India Business summit.

SpacecorpHome was co-founded by Ar. Sujan Setty and Ar. Ruchitha Prasad after seeing a strong need in the market. Both of them have extensive experience having worked on a wide range of projects and have won multiple awards and recognitions.

The Design Platform now has an experienced team of Engineers, architects, and Interior Designers along with 18+ talented Design partners and consultants.

Who is for?

A. For Home Builders / Renovations: who are looking for Aesthetic Designs & professional consultation for their Dream Home.

B. For Contractors, developers and local engineers: who can partner with SpacecorpHome in order to provide professional and comprehensive service to their clients.

C. For Interior Design / Home Décor needs: If you are looking for Interior Design for your Residential/commercial space or even design ideas for your Bedroom!

D. For Commercial / institutional projects and more.

How Does SpacecorpHome Help its Clients?

The Platform Leverages technology to provide a seamless experience to its clients. Based on requirements, the platform offers a wide range of services from conceptual floor planning, 3D Elevation Façade Design, Working Drawings, Scientific Vastu, Interior Design and animation, 3D Floor plans, to Virtual Walkthroughs, 360 Degree Views and more where people can see and visualize their spaces before they are built.

Generally, a brief consultation is arranged and Site / Building Photographs and measurements are noted along with the requirements. SpacecorHome’s Design partner is connected with the client via video call after confirmation for a detailed consultation, stage-by-stage updates are provided and after revisions, final Design outputs are shared with the client.

How can people connect with SpacecorpHome?

The Design Platform can be accessed by visiting the website, and a form can be filled out describing the requirements.

Additionally, people can email them directly at

SpacecorpHome has also created a new Facebook group where people can connect and get free useful content on Construction, Architecture, Interior Design Ideas and more!



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Emmi Linderman
Emmi Linderman
Aug 20, 2023
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Andrey Andrew
Andrey Andrew
Jul 17, 2023

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