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1. You contact us

First, you find us online and contact us through call / email or fill "Get quote" form in our website.

We will then arrange a voice call consultation from one of our professional Spacecorp Designers. Team Spacecorp will understand your requirements and send you a Quote for required services...

2. Understanding Requirements

After advance payment and confirmation, we will then send a questionnaire to understand your requirements in detail after which the project will be assigned to professional Spacecorp Design team.

3. Conceptual Designing

Then team Spacecorp starts ideating and working on Design based on your requirements, budget and our design principles. We will then send a first draft of the conceptual design for approval.

4. Design Finalization /       Corrections

We will then arrange a voice / video call consultation with our team to discuss on design further to understand if any variations / options / difference of approach needed in order to move further.

5. Detailing works

Depending on Service selected, we provide a number of options and the selected option will be finalized after optimizing as per your requirements. Then further detailed drawings are worked upon...

6. Design Handover :)

The finalized designs and drawings are then mailed to you through email / whatsapp.

If there are any doubts you can contact us directly. Also you can optionally opt for further online consultation.