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Spacecorp Alpha Building, #13, LBS nagar, Shimoga, Karnataka, India. 577201.
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  • What is is India's first of its kind total online platform for premium Architectural and Interior Design! We have worked on 500+ premium, Unique Happy Homes and other category projects across India. We believe in democratizing Design. was created to make quality, creative and scientific Design affordable and give access to everyone from anywhere in the country to talented, professional designers and architects.
  • Why gives access to creative and professional team of architects and designers completely online, from anywhere in India. Affordable*, Timely deliveries*, Customized and Unique designs to suit you. Scope for corrections and multiple options, dedicated Project manager. Above all, look at our sample projects, Our work speaks for itself!
  • How does it work?
    Refer our “How it works” page for detailed explaination.
  • What are the services offered by
    Refer our “Services and pricing” page. You can contact us directly for any customised requirements.
  • What is the pricing and fee structure of
    Refer our “Services and pricing” page for detailed info.
  • How is the built-up area calculated for fee structure?
    We do not consider site area. We consider Superbuiltup area which is the Footprint area of building on site multiplied by number of floors.
  • Will the design be as per my city’s local building byelaws and guidelines? is the professional online design company and since every city or state has a different guideline / byelaw, our designs may not meet the byelaws. we recommend you consult your local body and the design can be modified slightly to suit your local codes through a local body licensed engineer in your city.
  • What are the standards / design principles followed by ?
    Functionality, Aesthetics, Lighting and ventilation, Space/resource optimization, scientific vastu, Uniqueness, Sustainability and Livability are just some of the design principles we use during the process of design.
  • How much time is needed by for issuing design?
    Timelines are different for different services. Kindly refer our “Services and pricing” page.
  • What are the acceptable payment methods?
    Secure electronic / UPI / card payments / EMI Options, etc., directly from our website through RazorPay, or Bank account transfer through RTGS / NEFT / IMPS. For online payments click on Razorpay button in the footer, below 'Payment Options'. For International payments from outside India, you can use this link:
  • What is the delivery / shipping method?
    All our services are delivered in .pdf / .jpeg / .mp4 formats through email or whatsapp.
  • What is your Disclaimer / Terms of use?
    Refer our “Terms of Use” page in the footer.
  • What is the expertise of team Spacecorp? Can I get a sample Project file? is a team of professional architects, Interior Designers and engineers. Having more than 30+ years of collective experience in the team, collaborating with top architectural and engineering firms in the country, wining national awards, handling some of the most prestigious clientele and having delivered 500+ happy home designs across India, we are happy to help you realize your dream home. For a sample project file / Company profile kindly contact us directly.
  • What information is needed from my side to start the process?
    Your first step is to fully fill the “Get Quote” form in the homepage. Kindly fill in the service needed, approximate built-up area, and contact information. Our team will then send you further information on pricing and details needed from you through a questionnaire.
  • For larger projects is there a reduction in pricing?
    Sure. Kindly contact us directly through a phone call / email / whatsapp.
  • I have specific design idea / style / material in mind. Can team Spacecorp work on it?
    Yes. Team Spacecorp can work in the style of your liking.
  • I have seen a design online / in pinterest and I like it. Can team Spacecorp work on it?
    Yes. Note that some images on the internet will be copyright protected and most will not fit exactly to your site conditions and requirements. Hence Team Spacecorp will understand your preference and work to create a new design in the style of your liking.
  • Will the designs given by have locally sourceable materials?
    Yes. In some cases if not available locally, we can share contacts of vendors who can supply from outside or change the design to accommodate different materials.
  • Can design my project which is outside India?
    Yes. We consider your local climate, style, materials and construction methods for the same. However terms may vary, kindly mail us directly.
  • Is it possible to get the design before payment?
    No. Our process is very detailed and takes a lot of work from professional architects and designers. We start the process only after advance payment and confirmation.
  • What if I’m not happy with the design?
    We can create a different variation and give options, number of options will be limited based on the service you select. Refer our “services and pricing” page for more. However, if you are not happy even after revisions / options, the project can be allotted to a different Architectural design team for additional charges. There is no scope for Refund of any kind, since we are service providers and charge based on work done.
  • What if I want to change the design again after project is finalized or during construction?
    Can be done. However Revision charges will be applicable for the same.
  • Is there any scope for online/phone consultation after the issue of designs?
    The designs and drawings provided by are detailed and legible which can be executed by an experienced contractor. However we recommend that for larger / complex projects, you hire a local site engineer for supervision and translating our drawings. If there are still any doubts, you can call us. Note that if you want regular consultations from professionals after the issue of designs, it will be chargeable.
  • Is there any refund option?
    At we have a talented team of professional architects and designers who take each project very seriously. However there is no scope for Refund / Cancellation of any kind, since we are service providers and charge based on work done.
  • Will the design be within my budget?
    Sure. We can guide you and work based on a specific budget if informed earlier on by the client. However due to variations in market rates of building materials, budget may vary.
  • Does take-up execution of works or material supply? is an exclusively online platform. But we have subsidiary company which can help with execution of Interior works and material supply in Karnataka and some other parts of the country.
  • Does take-up renovation design / Interior design / elevation design of old or under construction projects?
    Yes. You can find more information on this in “Services and pricing” page.
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